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Hi! Haribol! Namaste!

My name is Dr. Julian Malik Seidenberg
My name is also Caṇḍīdāsa dāsa

I got the second name when I was initiated into the Brahma-Madhava Gaudiya Vaisnava disciplic succession (commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement). The succession stretches back over 5000 years. It is one of the oldest and most authoritative spiritual traditions in existence. My teacher and spiritual master is Devamrita Swami.

A brief history of my life:
I was born in 1978 in a small German town called Königstein.

I?m officially an American citizen. My parents are LaJulia and Frank-Peter, both American, but living in Germany for the last 35 years (my father was originally German, but immigrated to America at the age of 10). I grew up in Germany. So I'm some kind of strange hybrid, neither truly German, American, or anything else. This fits in nicely with Vedic philosophy: temporary material designations are not to be taken very seriously.

I went to the Taunusschule Königstein high school and graduated with a German Abitur in 1998 (my score: 2.0; 1.0 = impossible, 4.0 = atrocious).

After that I studied Computer Science at the University of Southampton, England. I got a first-class Masters degree in Software Engineering in 2002.

At Southampton I stumbled across the ancient teachings of the Vedic literature. I was instantly impressed at the effectiveness of the aforementioned meditation (it certainly helped my studies) and the practical, no-nonsense, no-mumbo-jumbo, no-blind-faith nature of the philosophy (which, among other things, also helped my studies) and gradually decided to take the blissful process of self-realization.

I spent the next year on the other side of the world in New Zealand at the Bhakti Lounge centre. There I became a full-time Hare Krishna dedicated to helping other people, helping my-self, studying the Vedic literature and learning numerous practical skills and values.

Then, back in the UK, did a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Manchester (one of the top 50 technology universities in the world). See my academic page for more information on that. It was a really gruelling experience. Doing a PhD was much more difficult than I imagined and certainly more difficult than anything I had done before. However, I persevered, and after 4 years of study completed the PhD degree.

While in Manchester I also taught yoga, meditation and the Vedic philosophy at a University club.

Now I'm living in Auckland, New Zealand (you might occasionally find me at the The Loft). I work at SilverStripe Ltd. where I build sophisticated websites like

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