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Doctor Julian Seidenberg

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester. I was a member of the Bio-Health Informatics Group and also worked with the Information Management Group. My PhD supervisor was Professor Alan Rector.

The topic of my thesis research was in the field of Ontologies and Knowledge Representation (KR), a discipline of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I researched methods of making ontologies easier to use and maintain. In particular, I focused on segmenting, merging and transforming description logic ontologies in the OWL format to make them easier for multiple people to collaboratively edit. See this page for more on what ontologies are and why they are cool. Download my PhD thesis here.

I previously obtained a first-class Masters of Software Engineering degree in the Computer Science department of the University of Southampton.

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I'm currently working at:

McCarthy Finch in Auckland, New Zealand. We are building Artificial Intelligence legal services. I work as a Software Architect and AI Application Engineer.

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