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Acupuncture (part 11): out of whack

Just back from my trip to New Zealand I saw Dr Phil again. He did a brief calculation of my astrology. The result: it seems just around the time I'm due to finish my PhD my planetary influence moves from "study" to "work". My health should get a bit better too at that point. Oh and I'll have influential children...

The irregularity of travel had thrown my body a bit out of whack. I was feeling quite hot (where I'm usually too cold) and was needing only 6 hours sleep (not because I was healthy, but because my body was so confused it didn't quite know what to do and when).

Philip used acupuncture to sort those things out by unblocking a few meridians. He stuck needles in various exotic places like my arm pits, the upper side of my chest, my feet and the sides of my legs (the last two are fairly common).

I had some acupuncture done while in New Zealand and I asked Philip about this. The person I saw in NZ was trained to use as thick needles as possible and stuck them in as deep as possible.

"The bigger and deeper the needle, the more the effect." - he said

While this is true in one sense, Philip prefers a more subtle approach. Chinese bodies' constitutions are, in general, strong as oxen. They don't get sick like we westerns do. Traditional Chinese treatment is therefore too heavy handed for the average frail western body. So, it doesn't work. Systems of medicine have to be adapted to the changing conditions of the patient group. Even 20 years ago people were completely different and required a different alternative medical approach in order to heal them. The treatments of yesterday no longer work today. The doctor needs to keep learning and adapting.

A lump had been developing under the skin of my chest. It was very unlikely to be cancer around to western doctors, however they didn't have a cure. If it got too big they offered surgery as the only solution. "That's no solution" said Philip, "it has to be caused by something".

The acupuncture should help it. He also gave me a herbal mix to reduce growths and cancers, as well as increase my testosterone level slightly. He also gave me some zinc and probiotics to help my body in general.

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  • Dave 21/06/2007 5:40pm (11 years ago)

    Ask A surgeon you get a surgical answer.
    Glad your health is getting better
    Just a not of caution although you are probably aware, some chinese medicans contain animal products.
    As for children, well why am I not surprised they will be influantial.
    As for work I highly recomend avoiding it

  • Candidas das 21/06/2007 1:09pm (11 years ago)

    I'm not sure of the ingredients. He mixed it up on the spot out of the myriad of tinctures he has. It was a specific formulation to address my specific condition.

  • Hugo Bains 21/06/2007 1:00pm (11 years ago)

    What is this herbal mix he gave you? I'm always keen to reduce cancers. :)

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