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Acupuncture (part 12): block

In this visit of mine to Dr. Philip Weeks' clinic I was surprised by the number of people in the waiting room. A whole bunch of other doctors and health-care practitioners have moved into the practice with Philip. Their skills very much complement each other. They are now treating many, many patients.

First some good news: the lump that had been developing under my chest has greatly reduced. Dr. Phil's remedy worked.
Philip bought a new Vega testing machine. This new one is more automated than the last. So, after a brief initial discussion, Phil hooked me up and let the machine electrocute me for a few minutes (I believe it tests the state of bodily organs by running specific frequencies of low power electricity through the body).

The result: bad. Practically all my organs were blocked. My body had reasonably high vitality, for some strange reason, but otherwise almost every organ had extremely low energy.

So, the solution was some intense acupuncture to revitalize the damp and musky husk that was in the body. Phil stuck needles in the center of my chest, ankles, knees and wrists. He also did some moxibustion near my knees. That is: he burnt a Chinese herb on my skin, which increases the body's heat.

The herb smells a lot like cannabis (although it isn't). So, many people mistakenly assume Phil is a smoker. Phil explained how weed is really bad for people. Some people with strong constitutions can get away with smoking it, but most people's vitality is just drained away to nothing by the drug. Devotees are especially affected: former practitioners of Krishna consciousness are very quickly inhabited by ghosts, if they start smoking marijuana.

After a long acupuncture session, throughout which Phil racked his brain, trying to figure out how to bend my body's energies back to flow the way they were supposed to flow, he finally got my chi somewhat flowing again. He loaded me up with some vitamin B-complex and some Horopito leaf (pseudowintera colorata) to take, whatever that is (the stuff, ironically, is from New Zealand) and sent me on my way.

Update: here another tidbit of information from the doctor. He commented on some new glasses of mine. I had gotten a pair of new frame-less glasses. These, he said, were better than the ones with a full metal frame around the lenses. Such metal loops can interfere with the electricity flowing through nerve cells in the brain, causing mental disorders. Some autistic children, for example, can be cured simply by swapping their glasses.

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