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Acupuncture (part 9): painful energy

Acupuncture NeedleI recently had another consultation with Dr. Philip Weeks in Hereford.
My body is doing well. Certainly much, much better than it was. I'm fine as long as I watch what I eat (no diary, no wheat) and get enough sleep. That will most likely stay that way until I finish studying. This PhD is putting an intense amount of mental pressure on me, which is stopping my digestion from working as it should. Medicine can only do so much. The rest is in the mind and in the stars.

I was feeling a bit tired and run down. Phil decided to give me a "boost" with some acupuncture needles. He stuck needles in my chest, forehead, ankles, arms, knees and six places in my lower back. Most of these (especially the forehead and back) were actually quite painful. Usually acupuncture isn't at all painful. It just is a very weird tingly feeling when the needle hits the energy point. However, when the doctor misses the exact and needs to correct by moving the needle ever so slightly, then that can create some pain. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, of course.

One good thing that practicing a martial art like Jiu Jitsu has taught me is that pain is just in the mind. Sure, I don't like it, but I'm not the mind, so I don't really mind.

After the treatment I felt weird, as always. However, very soon I was a lot more alert and energetic. It worked. My tiredness was needled away.

Apparently I respond well to acupuncture. People are different. Some respond better to herbs, some homeopathy, some Ayurveda, some western (killer) drugs. There is no one cure for all ailments (except chanting Hare Krishna, of course). Acupuncture works for me, so that's what the doctor applies.

Philip gave me some Probiotics and B-vitamines to take and sent me on my way. Onwards to the next battle ...

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  • Marie 15/04/2009 10:15am (9 years ago)

    Maddy, I have gone for acupuncture for the fourth time as of today and I will be asking why I feel sooo nausa and sick to my stomach the next morning. I felt this way last week and I went again yesterday and again this a.m. Iam so sick to my stomach and nausa it's awful. Wondering if I should continue. Yesterday after i left the acupuncturist I was kind of dizzy and light headed another thing I will be asking about today.

  • sydney 24/10/2007 1:19am (10 years ago)

    Hi Maddy...i have had acupuncture with several other practicioners and didn't feel badly after..also I didnt feel any positive benefits. a friend goes to an acupuncturist in canada and she said she always has to go to bed afterwards. I recently started going to a new acupuncturist and I feel soooo totally relaxed on the table that I don't want to get up. I have had 3 sessions with her and felt soooo terrible afterwards it was terrible - had to go to bed for the rest of the evening. today my 4th session I only felt bad for 5 hours....things are looking up. My friend said it is the body;s way of healing - like a healing crises when you are feeling bad...hope this helps..Sydney

  • Patty 22/07/2007 4:52pm (11 years ago)

    I have been going for acupuncture for fibromyalgia and lupus.
    The past 2 times, I have gotten very sick after, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizzy,sick to my stomach nausa, feeling very bad for 2-3 days after.
    The doctor said this is normal as my body tries to
    re-align and my immune system is trying to dump toxins.
    Many people have told me "this is not normal" who have had acupuncture.
    I am going to a certified Doctor who is an MD, and has been doing acupuncture for
    8 years. Has anyone else experienced feeling so bad after?

  • candidas das 18/07/2007 11:07am (11 years ago)

    See my above comment. Yes, a little bit of pain and numbness is normal. However, that usually subsides about an hour after the treatment. Extreme pain is a bad sign.

  • Vanessa 18/07/2007 10:59am (11 years ago)

    Hi, had my third session of acupuncture yesterday for a frozen shoulder. First session was painless and worked for two days. Second session I found very painful and did not help with any pain management. Third session yesterday was absolutely awful - I was in a lot of pain with it and found the whole experience excruciating. When I came out I couldn't move my hands (they were numb) and in the back of my neck muscle, I have had terrible pain where the needle was inserted (this one also bled). I have had no relief from my frozen shoulder. Why am I experiencing such pain from acupuncture - surely this is not right?

  • candidas das 06/06/2007 6:31am (11 years ago)

    Sounds to me you are going to a bad doctor. Not all acupuncturists are equally proficient. "Catch" is the weird feeling you get when the acupuncture needle hits the right spot to "re-wire" the energies in your body. A good, experienced acupuncturist will get these spots right the first time, less experienced doctors miss and need to hunt around for the correct location. I've never had bleeding from an acupuncture needle. Again, bad doctors tend to use larger needles to increase their chances of hitting the right spot and they also tend to insert the needle quite deeply. Very good acupuncture is subtle. A good doctor will use hair-thin needles and insert them only a few millimeters, just enough to break the skin. Not deep enough to puncture the blood vessels. My advice would be to find a better doctor.

    And maybe acupuncture just doesn't work on you. Some people's bodies respond better to herbs, ayurveda or homeopathy. Try it all.

    One other thing to remember is good alternative medicine is not like western medicine. They don't just give you a pill / needle / herb / tincture that miraculously cures you. Western medicine tries that but it is impossible: there are loads of side-effects and it doesn't actually cure the problem, just covers up the symptoms. There is a reason why you are sick and that underlying reason has to be addressed, otherwise you'll just keep getting sick over and over again. Addressing that underlying reason usually means some change to your lifestyle. A good alternative health doctor will recommend dietary changes (I'm vegan now, for example), more regulation (doing the same thing at the same time), less stress, meditation (I meditate for one and a half hours each day), more exercise and stopping the use of various kinds of intoxicants.

  • marlamaynot 06/06/2007 5:17am (11 years ago)

    I have had three acupuncture treatments with ill effects each time. I have chronic pain and want to get off of pain meds. First time the dr. Left two needles behind my knees and i felt them when i got up off the table . He blew it off. Aren't they suppose to make a chart as they place needles. Second time serious pain during insertion of several needles while dr. Tried to get them to "catch" catch what? And i got a serious hematoma on my hand. Third time again much pain in several insertions and bleeding from several sites at removal. I desperately want to find alternative approach to my pain but i am getting red flag here. Any answers please repond. Having problems, but i did feel some pain relief or was it endorphins.????

  • Dave 12/10/2006 8:35pm (11 years ago)

    Glad to hear about the health saves a phone call,
    Enjoy your time with your Guru Maharaga in Germany, with good health, and the reward for chanting Hare Krsna (which is to be able to chant more Hare Krsna)

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