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I've been to see Dr. Philip Weeks, the devotee/herbalist doctor who has been treating my condition (western medicine is useless: no cause, no cure, no mercy). He usually uses a Vega testing machine to diagnose the cause of an illness and mixes together a brew of herb extracts and homeopathic remedies to counteract whatever is causing the sickness.

This time however, he did something else. Having just finished a degree in acupuncture, and eager to try out his new skills, he laid me down, marked me up with a felt-tip pen and proceeded to stick a small needle into my body at various places. When he got the acupuncture point just right (it has to be accurate to less than a millimeter) I felt a weird tingling sensation throughout my entire body. Indeed, it felt like (and probably was) the energy flows in my body were being rewired.

After the treatment I felt very light headed, spaced out and could hardly walk. Ever skeptical as I am, I was amazed. A few needles can do this to me?

Philip mixed up a tincture of herbs to help fire up my damp rag of a body, gave me some general medicine, some good advice and encouraging words and sent me on my way (after I had recovered my walking ability).

I struggled somewhat getting back home. I felt very, very tired and feel asleep almost as soon as I got back. However, the very next day (after 10 hours of sleep), I was brimming more energy than I'd had for weeks. Eating solid food however quickly changed that. My digestive fire had yet to be ignited.

Today, two days later, I'm feeling better still. I think I may have succeeded in digesting my first meal in months. Acupuncture really works. Thanks Philip.

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  • J. Schmidt 19/06/2005 2:25pm (13 years ago)

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