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Body kaputt (and healed again)

Two weeks after my maha-long flight my body started malfunctioning. Digestion went down the drain, stomach wound itself up in pain and PhD work showed no gain. This if fairly normal for me. Two weeks after some damage to the body I get the delayed reaction. However, Phil thought his preemptive treatment should have prevented this from happening this time.

So, I emailed Dr Phil and asked for advice. His advice: fast for a day or two to give the digestion system a break, take loads of the clay and slippery elm powder to coat and heal the colon and drink loads of Aloe Vera juice to soothe the digestion and add some more healing power to the mix.

It worked. In a few days I was (almost) back to normal. See here for more of the miracle of Aloe Vera and how to Harvest Fresh Aloe Vera Gel.

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  • Dr. Frank-Peter Seidenberg 22/06/2007 7:24pm (11 years ago)

    Aloe Vera, sure seems to be a very special and health conscious plant, according to your? link. It is also growing in our house and I had no clue. I'll certainly harvest some over the weekend. The gel will be offered and I'll thank the plant...............................fp.

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