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BT Swami's conflict resolution techniques

In general, conflicts should not be seen as "bad". They are something we can learn and grow from. Conflicts, if handled correctly, result in a "win/win" situation where everyone is better off.

Ineffective conflict resolution

  1. Battle mode: the idea that we have to fight the other party
  2. Avoidance mindset: it will not go away
  3. Negotiation, arbitration and bargaining: causes the problem to resurface later, if people are not fully satisfied with the deal
  4. Bandage: doing a little something to (half-)patch things up, but not really dealing with the underlying issues
  5. Role-playing: approach conflict based on status: "I'm the big leader, so you better do as I say".

Effective conflict resolution

  1. Create an effective atmosphere: comfortable, non-threatening
  2. Clarify both parties' conceptions of the problem
  3. Focus on individual needs and shared needs: what needs do both parties have in common?
  4. Build upon these shared positions
  5. Learn from the past, but look to the future: don't dwell on the past problems/issues/disagreements
  6. Look at various possible solutions: record things that are agreed upon
  7. Build upon agreements
  8. Form mutually binding agreements on what will be done

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  • Manju 10/08/2005 3:05am (13 years ago)

    Handy info.

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