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Devamrita Swami: Any questions about anything?

Need to experience that chanting Hare Krishna solves all problems. At least one night a week come together and chant non-stop for one, two, three hours. That's a practical demonstration of the simple, powerful taste of kirtan. Real community building. Bonding. You'll be shocked at the transformation.

Any questions about anything?

  • With the emphasis on service and bonding, how do fit in private sadhana and study?
  • DS: who has read all of Caitanya Caritamrita? How can you live without having read the CC?
  • Does Krishna refer to Himself as time anywhere?
  • DS: have you read all of Bhagavad-Gita? What do you do with all your time?
  • It's an offense to preach the glories of the holy name and yet we are giving out Krishna Book to the most unqualified. How do we remain enthusiastic about doing that?
  • Can you relate some memories of Srila Prabhupada?
  • Can you relate to us how you came to Krishna consciousness?
  • We hear that the holy name is non-different from Krishna. What are some analogies that can help us realize that?
  • We see so many great personalities really relishing chanting, how do we gain that same taste?

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  • Valerie FOLMER 06/11/2008 9:28pm (9 years ago)

    I am lookng forward to seeing you very soon in New Zealand ...
    Thank you for advising me chanting the Mantra Hare Krisna..It has helped me in an incredible way since I increased..

    With my best feelings of friendship and love

    May the force be with you


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