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Devamrita Swami: Disappearance of the Yadu Dynasty

Krishna is like the sun, sometimes unmanifest like the sun at night, sometimes manifest.

Krishna has a right to do whatever he wants, but we don't like that.
We want things done our way. However, Krishna does things his way and thereby creates subject matter for eternal conversation.

Story of my father educating me in the real point of life: leave some footprints in the sand when you're gone.

Where are the former leader of the DDR's (E. Honiker) footprints? Ever place has its local heroes. In Weimar they are Schiller, Goethe and Liszt, but in other parts of the world no one has ever heard of them.

Mysterious: the Lord wants to take his own Yadu dynasty away from the world. The reasons are that some of his family members where becoming too powerful, familiar and proud, less intelligent people would automatically consider someone born in that dynasty spiritually qualified and that they were so attached to him that they couldn't have handled the feelings of separation from him.

Brahmanas curse the Yadu dynasty. Maharaja Pariksit is confused as to why and asks Sukadeva Goswami.

Yadu boys play a joke on the great sages and get cursed to give birth to an iron club that will destroy the entire dynasty. They told there family members and King Ugrasena had the club ground up and thrown into the ocean. These turned into iron reeds that the Yadus used to beat each other to death.

Krishna let all this happen. He wanted to reduce the prestige of the material world. Just like the death of Jimi Hendrix caused DS to loose faith in material glory.

Understanding Krishna is the greatest career goal.


  • Duryodana is a partial incarnation of Kali. Why does Balarama love him so much?
  • Caitanya said we should be very humble, but I often feel angry at other people's disinterest in Krishna consciousness. What is the proper attitude?
  • What happened to the larger piece of iron from the ground up club that the fish swallowed?

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