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Devamrita Swami: finding your own path

Place: ISKCON Leipzig, Germany
Time: 19 min.

Why struggle so hard for material enjoyment which is temporary in nature? Erich Honecker, for example, thought that the Berlin wall would be there 100 years from now. 6 months later: both he??(TM)s gone and the wall is gone.

There is an attitude of: "just be as happy as you can, focus on the pleasure and don??(TM)t be negative, just follow your heart and intuition". French existentialist philosopher Albert Camus said: "Don??(TM)t try to lead me, don??(TM)t try to follow me, just walk with me through the chaos".

However, in any practical situation no one actually does that. For example, when going on a walk in forest we make a plan, take a map and follow the official path established by forest rangers.

Krishna consciousness is the authorized way. The Vedic literature is the torchlight of knowledge that allows us to see the whole picture of what is going on, instead of stumbling blindly in the darkness of ignorance.

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