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blog » Devamrita Swami: Krishna is full of paradoxes

Devamrita Swami: Krishna is full of paradoxes

Verse: Damodarastaka prayers, verse #2
Place: Dortmund, Germany
Time: 48 min.

Krishna is the most beautiful little cowheard boy. He is also the Supreme Lord. He is full of paradoxes: here is God and he is hungry, attention seeking, wanting to be fed, stealing butter, fearfully running away, being caught and bound up by his mother. Only in Vrindavana, where no one thinks of Krishna as God, can such intimate pastimes take place. Brahma and Siva can??(TM)t relate with Krishna in such ways. Our goal in the month of Kartika should be to understand this Krishna.


  • Was Krishna really afraid, or was he just putting on a show?
  • Isn??(TM)t it impossible to understand Krishna?

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  • Geoff 08/12/2005 12:45am (12 years ago)

    Thank you for all these lectures Prabhu!

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