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Devamrita Swami: Questions & Answers

Place: Goloka Dhama, Abentheuer, Germany
Time: 38 min.


  • The king and householder Maharaja Rantideva didn??(TM)t teach spiritual knowledge directly, so how can we learn from him?
  • How will someone learn from the reactions to their bad deeds in past lives if they can??(TM)t remember them?
  • How can we possibly offend Krishna? Who are we to be able to offend God?
  • How to be so compassionate that we accept other??(TM)s suffering?
  • Was Citraketu??(TM)s insulting Lord Siva and being cursed by Parvati Krishna??(TM)s arrangement?
  • When and how do we get the mercy of the devotee?
  • What is the nature of ??oerealization???
  • How can we change our tactics to better connect with present-day people?
  • How do we understand the Bhagavad-Gita where Krishna says that he who explains him to the devotee is most dear?
  • Krishna is self-satisfied and has only created this material world for our sake, but he arranged for Jaya and Vijaya??(TM)s falldown so he could have a good fight. Isn??(TM)t that some selfish desire on his part?

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