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Devamrita Swami: why understand the creation according to the Bhagavatam?

Verse: SB 2.10.1
Place: ISKCON Berlin, Germany
Time: 59 min.

There is always change. The body changes, the government changes (Devamrita Swami tells some stories of preaching in the DDR, former East Germany) and people become bewildered.

Srimad Bhagavatam however allows us to conquer the darkness of ignorance, the conception that the world is here for our enjoyment, and understand that all energy has an owner who (at least) likes be acknowledged. Devotion can come later. Devotees as devoted as Mother Yasoda can even conquer Krishna.

The creation is supreme exhibition of artistry. It is so expertly arranged that it looks like no one is behind it. It is like an expert manager who sets things into motion without people noticing it was actually him. Things generally progress from subtle to gross. It is like that in management, male/female relationships and many other things.

Don??(TM)t get caught up in all the changes, attacks of material nature and material desires. Srimad Bhagavatam gives both knowledge and detachment.


  • How is it that if we stop practicing Krishna consciousness in this life we can continue from where we left off in the next life?
  • How to convince someone that God didn??(TM)t give them this world for their enjoyment?
  • My understanding is that you should only have a relationship to Krishna, not anybody else, is that right?

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