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Devamrita Swami: Why worship someone's feet?

If you just make 10% of the population of Berlin Krishna conscious the whole country will change. Krishna can do the seemingly impossible. Don't buy into the Hare Krishna folk tales. In spite of material failure, going on and on in Krishna's service is always successful.

How long will it take to get to Leipzig? Frank-Peter is Germany's safest and most mellow driver. Driving with him is like driving on a bed of feathers.

The exclusiveness of devotional service should always be discussed. It is not sectarianism.

Real sustainable human economic development doesn't exist today, nor does sense gratification that doesn't kill you in the process, let alone religiosity, that can't deliver any genuine information about God. Everyone knows everything, except what they should know.

Why do we worship someone's feet? A speck of dust from Krishna's lotus feet can situate you beyond liberation.

Krishna forces pleasure onto the devotee. Don't worry about your own pleasure.

Who had gotten a letter from the mayor thanking you for serving Krishna? There is no support, no fame and no appreciation from materialist society.

Talk it up about serving Krishna. That is the highest position in reality! How to increase? How to serve better? Krishna appreciates this.

If you follow the so-called great people of today's society you'll go crazy. It's not that having precise spiritual knowledge in optional.

Germany has changed a lot since the 80s. The under 45s are open to everything. However, then one must understand: what is the best thing? Everyone is saying their thing is the best. Are all cars the same? Is a Mercedes as good as a Hyundai?

In the material world it's not enough to be a nice guy, you need to be
smart: you need knowledge. Bhagavatam is the topmost knowledge. See for yourself.


  • I still cannot understand the violence of Balarama towards Romaharsana Suta. We talk so much about love and peace, so why did Balarama have to kill him.
  • How to engage our weak women's sentimentalism in devotional service?
  • Many people say this movement is not very sentimental at all, no emotion, unlike e.g. Christians.

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  • T.Mahesh 12/03/2007 8:31pm (11 years ago)

    please explain me why krishna's feet called as lotus feet

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