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DHL Hell: they don't deliver

DhlI ordered a new suitcase from a very nice suitcase store in Germany. As with almost every store in Germany, they ship using DHL.
I wasn't in when the delivery was first attempted. The card said "sorry me missed you when we tried to deliver at time: pm". "pm" is kind of vague time, but ok, "no problem", I thought. I'll just phone them and arrange for another redelivery.

So, I phoned the DHL redelivery line and got an automated service. It asked me to speak clearly all kinds of information: package number, my name, my address, my phone number. It offered no feedback as to if it was using some kind of voice recognition, or if some poor soul was going to listen to the recording and enter the data into a computer manually.

So, the day when I asked that the next delivery occur: nothing. I stayed at home all day waiting and nothing came.

So, I phone DHL again. This time working my way though the number menu until I finally get a human being one the phone. The guy tells me that "yes, we've been having some trouble with the automated system, I'll manually book a delivery for you". So, I arrange for a delivery the next day and ... nothing. Again, no DHL package for me.

So, once again I phone the (expensive) DHL line. This time I insist that they phone the local distribution office and find out that is going wrong. The person in the local office tells me that someone has just phoned them to pick up my package from the depot. "What?! I certainly didn't phone to pick up my package".

It appears that someone somewhere wrote a wrong package number on my package and that's why the re-delivery attempts were not happening. So, I ask them to redeliver again the next week. The response: "we will try to deliver on Monday, if not then on Tuesday."

What kind of courier service doesn't know when they will deliver a package?! Do they expect me to stay at home all day for weeks on end waiting for their messed up logistics to serendipitously deliver?!

The lady promises to give me a phone call first thing Monday morning and tell me if it will be Monday or Tuesday.

Monday passes. No phone call. No package. This is getting really annoying.

So, I (again) phone DHL. They tell me that the package has been scanned for delivery and put onto the van, but no delivery was made and no card was left. So, the operator I spoke to thought they must have mistakenly scanned the card and not actually put it into the truck for delivery. They'll deliver tomorrow. Promised!

"Tomorrow" comes and goes. No delivery. I phone DHL again (!) and ask for the number of the local branch. The first person I talk to offers to arrange for a redelivery and phone me back. I say: "no way, not again" and ask to speak to the manager. The manager is understanding and explains that they probably have a new driver who ran out of time yesterday because he was driving in a new unknown area. He offers to personally go down into the warehouse, find the parcel and prioritize the delivery for the next day. I ask him to deliver to it to my office address instead of my home, since, if they mess up the delivery date again, at least someone will be at the porters office in the University at all times.

The next day, I'm in the office, but no delivery comes. So, at the end of the day, I once again phone DHL and ask to speak to the manager I spoke to the day before. His phone rings a few times and then the connection cuts off with a busy signal. I try again after a few minutes. Same result.

So I choose another path through the DHL phone navigation network and get a "customer feedback" representative. She explains that it is illegal for customers to redirect their delivers to alternate destinations (something to do with insurance law). I (completely frustrated at this point and thinking I have no hope of ever getting the delivery) ask that the package be delivered the next day and that she please makes sure this happens, no matter what (not that that hasn't been promised many times before).

I get home and, much to my surprise, there is a big box waiting for me outside my door with a note from my landlord. It turns out that he was doing some repair work in the flat below mine during the day and just happened to be at the door when the DHL delivery truck came (it seems that they re-tried delivering to my home address when they couldn't change the delivery to my office address; although, of course, they didn't think it might be a good idea to tell me about this so I could be at the right location to receive the delivery).

So, after over two and half weeks of trying, I finally have my order. However, it took providential arrangement to make it happen. It seems DHL need divine intervention to successfully deliver a package.

Bottom line: please, if you at all help it, don't ever use DHL!! (and I sincerely hope I cost DHL a lot of business with this blog post).

Philosophical lesson: you are not the doer (BG 3.27).

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  • Angel 15/03/2008 12:13am (10 years ago)

    I ordered a gift for my son late last Friday. I checked DHL site and estimated delivery was Today. I check and DHL claims this package was delivered yesterday! Also states it was "Left on front door". WHAT A CROCK!
    I take care of a disabled child, (my son), daily and we are always home! My son even likes to sit out front during the day. NO DHL TRUCKS in my area all day yesterday! (Honestly, I have only seen them in my area once!)
    I call customer service and they claimed they would find the courier, and have them pick up where the package was left off, then redeliver to me. I was told to call back in 2 hrs if I did not receive a call from them. I call back, (no surprise), and they claim the delivery driver was on way back to office, and will go back over the route from yesterday to find my package.
    I call back 2hrs later to get the update and I'm told NOW that the driver is on vacation and won't return until Monday! WTF?
    SO I hang up, and start to really get upset. I call back again, and ask for the Office my package was sent out for delivery from. I was told "Ma'am we can't give out the office numbers". WHAT? So I explain I want the number NOW!! This woman gets the Supervisor from my local office on the goes the fun part: WHILE on hold, I'm so upset that I have an asthma attack!
    This supervisor tells me it's the FIRST he's heard of this package. He can't locate the driver because she is on vacation. Excuse me? When I'm on vacation and my employer needed me, trust me he found me!!!
    So I asked what is being done about this. He said "The Driving Supervisor has gone out to this location". I ask what location and he gives me my own address! I tell him he was lied to, because NO ONE has been at my front door! He claims she knocked on the neighbors doors to see if a package was delivered yesterday. I let him know that was a lie as well. I've been out front with my son and no one has been down this street in a few hrs!

    Finally, I get the Office number and the name of the Station Manager. I did let this man know I don't play games, and requested that the Driving Supervisor and delivery driver come to my house on Monday!

    Like I said, I don't play games. Anythign over $160 is a felony, and I have NO problem suing the DHL Courier for theft. Hey, she is the one who didn't look at the STREET on the package, and delivered it elsewhere!

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  • David 20/12/2007 2:44am (10 years ago)

    DHL is the worst courier I've ever dealt with. I was waiting for a package that was sent next-day delivery. My supplier shipped the package ontime. Then the pkg sat at a DHL facility 95 miles from my house for 7 days. Then the tracking showed the pkg was with the courier driver for 2 days. I called my supplier and told them about the problem. They sent me the same order with next-day delivery via UPS. The next morning I got the package from UPS. That same afternoon DHL showed up with the pkg they had. I told DHL to send the package back to the shipper. I called my supplier and told them the original pkg was coming back to them, and they apologized for the inconvenience. I told them it wasn't their fault, but if they shipped me a pkg via DHL ever again that I would find another supplier. That may seem harsh, but that was the 5th time had a problem with DHL. As you can see, DHL has big problems with domestic orders too. But they're consistent--consistently screwed-up.

  • 21/10/2007 4:45pm (10 years ago)

    You should order by us. You can get your suitcase with UPS Worldwide ;-)

  • Just John » Blog Archive » DHL Hell, Part Deux 06/09/2007 5:55am (10 years ago)

    [...] DHL HELL [...]

  • ANN MOORE 27/07/2007 8:41am (11 years ago)

    1/ If a shipment needs to be redirected it can be under authority form the shipper and or the receiver, speak to the right department
    2/ the shipment in brisbane was not described by the shipper as plastic rings

  • Yanni 20/07/2007 3:10am (11 years ago)

    I sent 3 plastic rings from China where I am stationed the past 7 months on R&D for our patent pending water purifier, to my business partner in Brisbane Australia.
    20 days later the samples have not arrived because there are delays in clearance??¦??¦
    DHL blames customs, customs says they don??(TM)t have it. Why on earth would they delay 3 plastic rings 36mm high and 200mmm in diameter?
    I suppose they pose a national security threat ??¦ I believe they??(TM)ve lost the damn thing and are delaying the inevitable, may be they are using them as Frisbees to break the monotony of they working days, who knows??¦
    What I know is that in 3 days we are having an international group of companies coming for a presentation and if we don??(TM)t get them rings on time, the whole deal is in jeopardy because DHL screwed up . plain and simple. The rings are not a working part, they simply support and stabilize the purifier, but how could you sell a purifier that couldn??(TM)t stand up straight?
    I guess we should give it a good dose of Viagra (hey guys you know where to send the endorsement $$$$$$$)
    The bottom line is that my 7 months of living in a place where English is as common as rocking horse poo, with no social life, enduring lizard stew, snake stir-fry and foreign movies with local voice-overs, are in danger of being for nothing all because of DHL ??oeEXPRESS ??oe courier??¦
    Go figure

  • david 22/03/2007 10:34pm (11 years ago)

    we live in the age of Kali what can you expect?
    I'm sure the time waiting was used productively, reading or chanting.
    The final note is a bit harsh may be after some time on reflecting it won't seem so bad.
    Do they have like the Royal Mail that if they can't deliver you can collect from the depot, this is usually the only way I recieve anything sent to me.
    A pain but great Japa time.

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