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Dropped the MacBook Pro

Today I accidentally dropped my MacBook Pro.

I had it open on a stand on a desk with some headphones plugged into it. I took the headphones off my head, got up out of my chair, caught my foot on the (overly long) headphone cord and, as I walked away, the mac came crashing to the floor, yanked off the desk by the headphone cord.


So, I picked it up, dusted it off and opened the lid (which had snapped shut during the fall). Much to my surprise, it came right back out of sleep as if nothing had happened. Inspecting the case there was no damage, not even a dent. The only sign of the incident is that now pressing down a specific part of the case makes a slight squeaking noise.

Impressive, most impressive. The aluminum clad MacBook Pro is one tough, sturdy, well-built, resilient, solid piece of computing equipment that knows how to take a punch and keep on going.

As a comparison: I once dropped my old Dell Inspiron 4150 from a similar distance while it was turned off and inside a protective laptop bag (Kensington Saddlebag). It still worked after the crash, but the plastic case was cracked and severely warped, the DVD-drive wouldn't fit anymore and several keys popped out. Dell, to their credit, later repaired the damage under warranty when the motherboard died.

However, if you have a habit of dropping your laptop it's probably a good idea to have an external backup, and for even more security you can protect your files with an online backup. A good place to start for choosing an online backup is to read a few just cloud reviews to get an idea of the services and features typically offered for protecting your files online.

(The hard drive on the MacBook Pros is protected during falls by a sudden motion sensor. There is a gyroscope built into the Mac which detects if it is accelerating too fast for its own good and then, in mid flight, quickly moves the hard drive into a protective "parked" position so it isn't damaged by the inevitable impact.)

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  • James 13/05/2009 3:42pm (9 years ago)

    Love the drop stories, makes me feel less like an idiot. Although - dropped my Macbook Pro onto pavement (the clasp of my laptop bag gave out). The MBP was in a laptop bag with cushion on the bottom. The screen separated from it's holder but I squeezed it back together. The metal above the PCI slot warped. I unscrewed the case and just bent it back. There's a ding on the left side and the cover doesn't line up any more. It still shuts though And - the computer runs as if nothing happened. Unbelievable. I'm pretty bugged about the cover not lining up, and of course I just lost some resale value. I'm also worried about the hard disk dying prematurely but other than that it could have been much worse.

  • katya 19/04/2009 11:09am (9 years ago)

    Oh lordy, I have read this whole page and I dropped mine further than every single one of you! i think it's done for and i'm just telling y'all to cheer you up - because hey, at least you didn't drop it on its fragile little corner from six feet up!

  • Layna 26/01/2009 12:56pm (9 years ago)

    I have got the flashing question mark in the grey file on my laptop, which i discovered this morning! All the things that people have said to try and fix it have included installing the Mac OS dvd, but I already had a dvd in my laptop from last night. I really need to get it out but I don't know how??? Can someone please help am really stressing!!

  • Anks 15/11/2008 3:29am (9 years ago)

    recently baught a black macbook. been keeping it like a baby and suddenly yesterday, it goes bam on the hardwood floor when i was trying to pick up my cell phone and forgot that the cabl got wrapped up around my feet. And when i got up, there came down the macbook on the floor exacty sitting on floor as it wa on table with screen wide open. haven't seen any pblms yet except today when it got really hot for few mins and fan statrted running like a generator for fw secs. not sure if this is only the beginning!!

  • Stu 28/09/2008 6:19pm (9 years ago)

    I dropped my MBP in a bag from about 1/2 a meter. Kind of stuffed up the top right hand side of the cover (though i can still plug in through the DVI) but the aluminum casing is dented and warped. Man was I annoyed... luckily though everything still works. The only noticeable problem is whenever I put something in the cd drive it sometimes makes an almost grinding noise.

  • Yoh 27/09/2008 3:16am (9 years ago)

    same thing happened to me re: disk drive- my bag slid off the hook on the back of the toilet door, obviously not enough padding in it.
    Now the top right hand corner near the keyboard is a little bent open, but my disk drive keeps making a whirring noise when i put one in, and then spits it out.
    Any ideas about prices??

  • Exitthegray 13/08/2008 5:43am (10 years ago)

    The horrors of dropping a Macbook. So I was sitting on my bed with the Macbook on the bed near the edge (about a foot away) and I needed to get up in a hurry because there was a huge bug on the wall so I had to go kill it. I completely forget about my Laptop and it falls to the carpet floor, everything seems to be working fine just the left side of the screen frame seems to be damaged when I open it, it makes a clicking sound because the plastic is scraping against the other plastic and when I close it there's more of a space on that side then the other. If this has happened to anyone could you give me a hand on either 1, how to fix it 2, what Apple would need to do/replace and 3, around how much would it cost.

    Also side question - If I go into an Apple store and tell them what happened could they check the whole system and ports to see if everything is ok?

  • Matt 06/08/2008 6:37pm (10 years ago)

    Did exactly the same thing. Headphones -> chair -> got up, *crash*

    Except in my case it landed on a corner and bent the casing inward, so that the top panel was bend up and not flush with the case. Apple told me it would cost $650 to repair. So I went home, took a pair of plyers, wrapped them in electrical tape, and bent it back. It's not perfect, but I'm probably the only one who can tell something's wrong.

  • traveler 31/07/2008 6:14pm (10 years ago)

    Wow everyone here a similar problem like me. I was at a hotel, fell asleep watching movie with powermac. I had the power chord plugged in. The computer slid off onto the carpet. It fell and hit the carpet precisely where the power chord plugs into the computer. IT is obvious that it pushed in the area and damaged the power input. Anyway the computer will not start now. Here are my questions: #1 can i get the DVD out that is still in the superdrive? # 2 can i access the hardrive if it will not boot? (I do have a desktop MAC also) #3 Is there life after this for my mac?

  • Jamien Sheen 01/07/2008 3:23am (10 years ago)

    OK Hi everyone, I've fallen over on wet bricks with my 17 in macbook pro in a protective laptop bag in one hand, belongings in the other just after locking up the work place and the damage to one corner is visible as displaced metal edges. The screen and hinge is fine but the CD DVD drive spits the disc out each time I insert it. Small claim on insurance I hope. Has anyone had a similar experience of the CD DVD drive getting replaced?

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