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Dropped the MacBook Pro

Today I accidentally dropped my MacBook Pro.

I had it open on a stand on a desk with some headphones plugged into it. I took the headphones off my head, got up out of my chair, caught my foot on the (overly long) headphone cord and, as I walked away, the mac came crashing to the floor, yanked off the desk by the headphone cord.


So, I picked it up, dusted it off and opened the lid (which had snapped shut during the fall). Much to my surprise, it came right back out of sleep as if nothing had happened. Inspecting the case there was no damage, not even a dent. The only sign of the incident is that now pressing down a specific part of the case makes a slight squeaking noise.

Impressive, most impressive. The aluminum clad MacBook Pro is one tough, sturdy, well-built, resilient, solid piece of computing equipment that knows how to take a punch and keep on going.

As a comparison: I once dropped my old Dell Inspiron 4150 from a similar distance while it was turned off and inside a protective laptop bag (Kensington Saddlebag). It still worked after the crash, but the plastic case was cracked and severely warped, the DVD-drive wouldn't fit anymore and several keys popped out. Dell, to their credit, later repaired the damage under warranty when the motherboard died.

However, if you have a habit of dropping your laptop it's probably a good idea to have an external backup, and for even more security you can protect your files with an online backup. A good place to start for choosing an online backup is to read a few just cloud reviews to get an idea of the services and features typically offered for protecting your files online.

(The hard drive on the MacBook Pros is protected during falls by a sudden motion sensor. There is a gyroscope built into the Mac which detects if it is accelerating too fast for its own good and then, in mid flight, quickly moves the hard drive into a protective "parked" position so it isn't damaged by the inevitable impact.)

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  • Zoe 22/06/2008 10:48pm (10 years ago)

    Just dropped my macbookpro down the stairs and big dent on the right corner (top and bottom). Now i can not close my laptop. It just pops back up. I am very scared. What do i do ?!?

  • gilmoro 31/05/2008 6:20am (10 years ago)

    hi everybody. I dropped my macbook yesterday like 2 feet from a table. I was scared...... I turn it on and shows a white screen and that's it, nothing else. I tried run the mac hardware test but seems like is not working.

    Well I think it was the hard drive, now I'm trying to get a new one.,, :(

    hope you guys can fix yours!.

  • Sexy Candy baby 29/05/2008 6:26am (10 years ago)

    Hi guys i dropped my Macbook Pro onto half plastic (the slideing doors railing on the bottom) and half on the carpet while in sleep mode! My Superdrive failed and I am now scared my laptop may have problems with other hardware that may not be obvious yet (cpu, graphics card, logic board, ram) is there a program that can test everythign to see they are 100% ok? i'm paranoid =(((((((((((((

  • Emperor 27/05/2008 5:53pm (10 years ago)

    thats a really wise suggestion!! got my casing fixed though, had a damaged hard-drive so got it replaced with a 250gb now... the whole deal was as good as buying a new hard-drive... i was quite lucky this time!!

  • candidas das 24/05/2008 11:06am (10 years ago)

    Use an iPod. Seriously. I've had a few near misses, where I've almost yanked my MacBook Pro off the desk with the headphone cable. Now I've started listening to music with my iPod while working at my computer. The iPod is on my body, so if I get up and forget the unplug the headphones the Mac is in no danger.

    As for the broken casing, check out the following website for tips on how to repair all kinds of broken electronic gadgets:

  • Emperor 23/05/2008 2:59pm (10 years ago)

    same problem today morning, my headphone wire got stuck to my feet and my macbook pro crash landed on the ground... this was the 4th time... and sadly it did not survive. it was working all fine till i shut it down to check if it restarts properly... i just get a blue screen. Luckily my harddrive is fine as i connected it as slave and i could copy my important documents out. The apple guys asked me to change the top and bottom (id rather buy a new mac).. god i hate them... Any suggestions as to what i should do??

  • Nash 21/05/2008 9:21pm (10 years ago)

    So I was lying down on the couch watching my favorite show online, and then sat up suddenly due the pets attacking each other, the macbook pro slid off the sofa 2' off the ground and fell on carpet. The computer is fine except for on the bottom left where i rest my left hand, near the casing plastic and aluminum. There is a small metal pronglike thing sticking out, I'm not sure if it's the latch that keeps the case closed inside or part of a component. It's along the seem of the border. Any ideas on what it is and how to put it back in without demolishing my MBP would be wonderful. Thanks.

  • Mitch 27/04/2008 3:33pm (10 years ago)

    My Mac Book Pro recently had an accident. I was staying at the Mariott Marquis in New York, and had to check out and go to the UN building for a academic conference. I checked out with a group, and we put our baggage on a cart for the bellman to tag. I placed the bag containing my laptop on-top of the all the other luggage and told the bellman there was a laptop in this bag, he looked at me and continued tagging. Now I have A Chrome laptop sleeve and a Chrome messenger bag, and I had the laptop in the case, in the messenger bag, with clothing to change into around to pad it further, because I was paranoid that it would be ****ed up. Also I have only had my MBP for about five months, and it has never been out of my sight, I treat it like glass. So we checked our luggage @ ten/ten twenty, went to the UN, came back around two/two fifteen got our luggage, and booked it down to the port authority to catch our bus back to PA. The messenger bag never left my sight, and I kept it close to me, I put it in the overhead compartment and went to sleep on the bus. I get home go to set up my laptop and to my horror as I pull out my MBP I find a huge dent on the left corner near the hard drive. The bottom of the computer is bowed a little, the front half inch has a huge dent, and the computer still works, but i don't know what is damaged intenernally. I am currently in contact with the Mariott to get this act of gross negligence fixed.

  • Daniel 05/03/2008 6:46pm (10 years ago)

    My briefcase literally flew from the copilot's seat into the double-carpeted floor of my car (I suddenly hit the brakes). I then remembered my MBP was in the brifcase, although protected with an InCase sleeve. I was about to cry, because I knew these computers (or any other regular laptop) could not resist great impacts. I immediately took it off the sleeve and realized nothing had happened to it externally. Then turned it on and worked perfectly well.

    However, I just noticed a slightly darker strip (around 5 pixels-wide) that crosses the upper area of the LCD screen from left to right. You could hardly see it (I'm a bit picky, so I see it) and, still, it bothers me like hell. I am aware that this failure is just insignificant compared to yours, but still freaks me out! I even think that this idiotic strip could have been there before, but never saw it! What do you think? Is it derived from the impact or is it just me being a bit paranoid?

    Best, DM

  • Daniel 02/03/2008 7:18pm (10 years ago)

    Last Nite. MBP Fell 2 feet to concrete (while closed). Big dent on lower right corners - to the point that aluminum is sticking out. Opened it up, got some startup problems. Restarted - now works as good as new. Seems the the aluminum absorbed most of the impact.

    What a horrible feeling. My guts were twisting and the price tag was flashing.

    It's been on my mind what might come about after a fall - but now i feel a little more comfortable - thanks for the posts everyone.

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