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Dropped the MacBook Pro

Today I accidentally dropped my MacBook Pro.

I had it open on a stand on a desk with some headphones plugged into it. I took the headphones off my head, got up out of my chair, caught my foot on the (overly long) headphone cord and, as I walked away, the mac came crashing to the floor, yanked off the desk by the headphone cord.


So, I picked it up, dusted it off and opened the lid (which had snapped shut during the fall). Much to my surprise, it came right back out of sleep as if nothing had happened. Inspecting the case there was no damage, not even a dent. The only sign of the incident is that now pressing down a specific part of the case makes a slight squeaking noise.

Impressive, most impressive. The aluminum clad MacBook Pro is one tough, sturdy, well-built, resilient, solid piece of computing equipment that knows how to take a punch and keep on going.

As a comparison: I once dropped my old Dell Inspiron 4150 from a similar distance while it was turned off and inside a protective laptop bag (Kensington Saddlebag). It still worked after the crash, but the plastic case was cracked and severely warped, the DVD-drive wouldn't fit anymore and several keys popped out. Dell, to their credit, later repaired the damage under warranty when the motherboard died.

However, if you have a habit of dropping your laptop it's probably a good idea to have an external backup, and for even more security you can protect your files with an online backup. A good place to start for choosing an online backup is to read a few just cloud reviews to get an idea of the services and features typically offered for protecting your files online.

(The hard drive on the MacBook Pros is protected during falls by a sudden motion sensor. There is a gyroscope built into the Mac which detects if it is accelerating too fast for its own good and then, in mid flight, quickly moves the hard drive into a protective "parked" position so it isn't damaged by the inevitable impact.)

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  • Big Man 22/12/2007 3:13pm (10 years ago)

    Looks like your screen has cracked from the fall and it will need replacing otherwise it will stay as it is, so phone the Apple Techies up and see what they say!

  • Rochelle 16/12/2007 10:42pm (10 years ago)

    HELP!! my closed macbook fell about 2 1/2 ft onto a hardwood floor. there aren't any dents on the outside, but when i open it the screen is all messed up (colored vertical lines and black splotches). i tried restarting it, but still the same messed up screen. if u know a way to fix this...pls reply!

  • kim 06/11/2007 10:22pm (10 years ago)

    my mac book jus fell.. abt 2 feet. it was off.. when i try to restart it thought the OS wont boot. all i'm getting is a white screen. if i leave i i just turns itself off after a while..HELP!!!!!!

  • felix_rou 23/10/2007 11:56pm (10 years ago)

    My boss dropped my latop this afteroon! A dent, scartch and broken left side of the closing mechanism is the dreadful outcome. It does work OK so far though, but I am waiting for the problem, my paranoia confirms that something somewhere is broken and waiting patiently to be discovered. My only consolation is that my boss ows me one now. Can't be bad, can it?

  • Tom 21/10/2007 6:11pm (10 years ago)

    Hey, so i was lying on my bed watching South Park with big stereo headphones on. (it was rather late) I fell asleep for just a minute, and well i was asleep for about 7 hours and no problems. But the headphones were still around my neck, so im rustling and bustling in bed thinking about prancing sugar cones or what ever. I was awakened though, by the sound of macbook pro hitting the ground, i practically froze and wanted to puke or die..(about 3 feet fall to hard wood)..anything but to inspect the damage. Well i looked down and to my amazment the screen was closed, i have learned that it does this automatically in a fall, and something with the hard drive. Well i open it up and it says it is asleep but i cant turn it on. I wanted to puke or die at this point, more than ever. i plugged it in and the device turns on thank god. No visible scratches or anything. Then i unplug it and it shuts down again, i was like WTF!!!! i start sweating and wanting to cry. But it just had a zero charge and it works great.. oh ya btw that was like 4 hours ago.

  • Steph 21/10/2007 8:46am (10 years ago)

    The other day, my macbook fell off my bed about a foot onto my carpet. Obviously, since everything was soft, there was no dents or anything.... but now my mac freezes quite frequently. Do you think this has to do with it's fall, or possibly because I have been using it almost non-stop for the past day 1/2? I am not sure, but I want to make sure nothing is completely wrong with it.

  • Andrew 18/10/2007 6:27pm (10 years ago)

    Hey Chen,
    I did the exact same thing yesterday. MBP fell about 3 feet, in a protective plasic case and an incase sleeve. Landed on the front corner near the superdrive. The whoe unit bent up at about 2 degrees, but I managed to bend it flat again. If anyone else has this problem then apply pressure away from the superdrive itself, as I practically closed the opening by forcing the metal down. This was tough to bend back, but it is now OK, except the plastic shell case will not fit snuggly anymore.

  • Chen 26/09/2007 12:53am (10 years ago)

    I hate myself right now. A few days ago I had my MBP in my bad (which has a little pocket for the laptop) however the top part isnt covered... anyway i had my bag on one shoulder and was putting it down, but the bag kind of slipped from my shoulder as I was putting it down. I didnt think anythig would happen but I got a big dent on the side of the bottom case! I was going to cry! then i realize that the whole bottom case is slightly dented! like when it was close it wasn't straight!
    Im sooo paranoid about this (even though I was able to bend it into place). I just hate looking at that dent and hate the fact that it isnt as perfect as it was before.
    Should i change the bottom case? i dont know, its really stressing me out :(

  • Ivan 17/09/2007 8:13pm (10 years ago)

    I also dropped my macbook pro from about 2 feet while inside a protective bag. No problems, except that occasionally I also get a small grinding sound under the hood on the left side where my left hand rests while typing. Seems maybe the fan has displaced minimally. Any ideas?

  • Robin 15/09/2007 10:12pm (10 years ago)

    Here's one for you - to my horror, my MacBook Pro went sliding off a bus seat and clattered onto the floor. Everything's ok, EXCEPT the open/close mechanism seems to have been affected (I think it's magnetic), and now the poor chap doesn't shut properly. If anyone's experienced a similar problem, any advice would be greatfully received.

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