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Dropped the MacBook Pro

Today I accidentally dropped my MacBook Pro.

I had it open on a stand on a desk with some headphones plugged into it. I took the headphones off my head, got up out of my chair, caught my foot on the (overly long) headphone cord and, as I walked away, the mac came crashing to the floor, yanked off the desk by the headphone cord.


So, I picked it up, dusted it off and opened the lid (which had snapped shut during the fall). Much to my surprise, it came right back out of sleep as if nothing had happened. Inspecting the case there was no damage, not even a dent. The only sign of the incident is that now pressing down a specific part of the case makes a slight squeaking noise.

Impressive, most impressive. The aluminum clad MacBook Pro is one tough, sturdy, well-built, resilient, solid piece of computing equipment that knows how to take a punch and keep on going.

As a comparison: I once dropped my old Dell Inspiron 4150 from a similar distance while it was turned off and inside a protective laptop bag (Kensington Saddlebag). It still worked after the crash, but the plastic case was cracked and severely warped, the DVD-drive wouldn't fit anymore and several keys popped out. Dell, to their credit, later repaired the damage under warranty when the motherboard died.

However, if you have a habit of dropping your laptop it's probably a good idea to have an external backup, and for even more security you can protect your files with an online backup. A good place to start for choosing an online backup is to read a few just cloud reviews to get an idea of the services and features typically offered for protecting your files online.

(The hard drive on the MacBook Pros is protected during falls by a sudden motion sensor. There is a gyroscope built into the Mac which detects if it is accelerating too fast for its own good and then, in mid flight, quickly moves the hard drive into a protective "parked" position so it isn't damaged by the inevitable impact.)

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  • candidas das 24/07/2007 8:41pm (11 years ago)

    Try inserting the Mac OS X install DVD and holding the "alt" key while turning the computer on. Select the DVD and run the disk utility from the menu that will eventually appear. This will check the hard disk for errors.

    Another thing to try, if you have another Mac around: turn the computer on while holding the "T" key to start target-disk mode, where the computer acts as an external hard drive to any other Mac attached with a Firewire cable. You might be able to copy some of your files over from the broken machine.

  • Theresa 24/07/2007 8:08pm (11 years ago)

    I dropped my MacBook onto a floor from about 3 feet and it turns on but all I get is a plain blue screen. Nothing comes up, does this mean that my harddrive is gone? Please let me know. I am praying that it will come back to life, but so far nothing has happened.

  • Chaula 02/07/2007 8:43am (11 years ago)

    I "just" dropped my MacBook 15minutes back froma height of about a foot. Its running fine but the strip around the screen at the bottom center has popped out a bit...exactly where it says MacBook. I was pretty shattered by the machine falling, but apparently it seems to work fine except for the pop-out strip.

    I got scared like crazy and searched for more such incidences...heartening to know I'm not the only one. I'm just hoping nothing irrepairable has happened to it though as the book belongs to my company. And the fact that it was given to me only because they thought I'd take good care of it.

  • Blitz 07/06/2007 6:45pm (11 years ago)

    This is the most bone-headed move of anybody's so far. Was loading my truck while moving, and put my mac book on the hood of the car to free up a hand to open a door. Forgot about the computer, drove off. Got to the new place (about 10 minutes away) and realized what I had done. Thought I was going to be sick. Sped back to the old apartment, found the thing luying in the street next to the complex. Dented corners and a scratch on the bottom, but runs perfectly and can only see the scratches if light is shining directly on to it. One tough cookie that one.

  • greta 23/05/2007 1:03pm (11 years ago)

    I dropped my mac 30 inches, landed on headphone jack. Now no sound. Mac store says I need to replace the whole bottom of the unit, $500 or so, :( Any ideas?

  • candidas das 19/05/2007 1:50pm (11 years ago)

    I had a problem with my fan being very noise once (unrelated to dropping). It made a wirring/grinding sound, like something was caught inside of it. I phoned Apple tech support and let the technician hear the sound. He agreed to replace the fan assembly. So, I sent the MacBook Pro in for repairs and haven't had any abnormal noises since.

  • Macdropper 19/05/2007 1:10pm (11 years ago)

    I dropped my macbook pro on a stone floor from table height. Very small scratches was the only outcome, except that the hinges from the lid, seems to be a bit looser. However, I still have a problem with my left fan, who always makes a lot of noise.

  • wayne 13/05/2007 5:57am (11 years ago)

    I dropped my macbook about 40 inches on to a concrete floor . no dents or visable damage I tried to power up a white screen with question mark came up. I tried all the different ways to start it back up no blue screen.

  • Adriana 08/03/2007 6:52pm (11 years ago)

    I had a very similar situation, but the outcome was very different. I dropped my MacBook Pro from about 30 inches off the ground. When I picked it up there were no dents or scratches but when I turned it on, the computer would not recognize the OS and the disc drive was making funny noises. Furthermore, my hard drive failed, wiping away all my important documents.

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