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DS Germany tour 2 day 3: Berlin

We travelled to Berlin with Maitreya-Muni das, a very nice disciple of Pritu Prabhu. It was a very nice sunny day with hardly any traffic. A very nice ride up to Germany's capital city (4 million people live in Berlin).

The temple itself was a bit of a shock. Located off a main street in an old courtyard of sorts, it had a run-down DDR-look to it, but at the same time was extremely peaceful. None of the noises from the busy road penetrated in. Dieties of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra shone brightly. Supremely excellent prasadam was served upon our arrival. I've rarely seen Guru Maharaja chant so much while taking a meal. The food was most definitely out of this world.

I met Bhakta Andr?©, an expert photographer who took off in his Krishna consciousness while visiting New Zealand. In Wellington he met Devamrita Swami and married his long-term girlfriend.

The Saturday Feast started off with an hour of super-sweet bhajans. The singing, harmonium and mrdanga playing was expert.

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  • sabine uddin 12/02/2009 11:05am (9 years ago)

    was andre hat geheiratet,wusste ich gar nicht.das ist ja cool.
    mir geht es gesundheitlich so schlecht,zweimal lungenetz?ndung hintereinander.
    und ich vermisse den tempel in der kastanienallee.der war so romantisch sch?n und ich habe mich dort so zu hause gef?hlt.die akustik und musik dadurch war so dem neuen tempel gef?llt mir das nicht,der altar zu gross und protzig und die akustik der musik ist auch nicht gut und nicht so gem?dlich,wie in dem tempel in der kastanienallee,als sie noch kleinen s?ssen,nicht protzigen altar hatten.ich dachte,sie ziehen jetzt wieder in den prenzlauer berg zur?ck?wann denn?
    gruss sabine

  • David Haslam 14/12/2006 7:20pm (11 years ago)

    Lovely pictures of the dieties.
    Have met some of the devotees you have pictures of several weeks ago at Bhaktividanta Manor they were lovely and it was sad to see them leave back home.
    Keep these lovely postings going

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