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blog » DS Germany tour 2 day 4: Drive from Berlin to Leipzig

DS Germany tour 2 day 4: Drive from Berlin to Leipzig

As we drove from Berlin to Leipzig I noticed that wind power generators were everywhere. Every few km there was a patch of about 15 windmills. Germany is the world's greatest producer of wind power. It generates double the amount of wind power than the next runner up (which is France, I think). A good thing too: German has instituted a law that requires that all nuclear power plants are shut down in the next 50 years. The 40% of the country's power that those generate needs to be replaced with renewable energy.

The East Germans are quite hearty people. More so than their western breatheren. They seem more emotional and personable.

Guru quotes:

The TV is the greatest destroyer of Krishna conscious family life and time for chanting

The prasadam in Berlin is very good. When there is good prasadam, the mind is peaceful.

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