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faith and the iPhone

I was watching this interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs and tech-writer Walt Mossberg on (among other things) the upcoming iPhone. One thing definitely comes through in the video: Jobs really believes in his product. He isn't trying to "push" or "hype" the iPhone. He simply and truly believes that it will be the best phone, iPod and Internet communicator in the world. Such genuine faith is very compelling and much more effective at making others believe similarly than trying to be artificially enthusiastic, as, for example, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer famously has been.

Indeed, such authentic enthusiasm is the best preaching. In my experience the best way to tell other people about Krishna consciousness is to be so genuinely enthusiastic about it that you can't help but tell everyone you know how great it is (not counting the initial "fanatic" stage that most people go through when they first take up the Krishna conscious practices). Faking it just doesn't work (as Sitapati also recently blogged about). People can tell the difference. Just like I'm sure everyone can tell the difference between Steve Jobs and Steve Balmer's enthusiasm.

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  • Ekendra das 04/06/2007 7:09pm (11 years ago)

    Nice point, Prabhu. Thanks for sharing your realization.

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