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GD Germany tour 2 day 5: Epilogue

Guru Maharaja asked Frank-Peter what the most memorable part of our trip was. Answer: the Swami's lectures and the spiritual feeling of nourishment in the heart from devotee association.

Bits of advice from the Guru:

  • Marriage, whether you know the person or not, is difficult. However, if you stick to it until you're over 45, the passions die down, and you start to work together very well. The problem is that few couples can weather the storm for that long.
  • German ISKCON was famous around the world as the epicenter of extremism and fanaticism.
  • Women need to decide: do they want to surrender to the nest, or do they want to become Krishna conscious career women?
  • Mellow husbands are okay, but passionate men are in for a shock when they are no longer the number one baby of the family. For every child you have the attention you get from your wife goes down by at least 33%.
  • You want to get things done, you ask a busy person.
  • Service defines everything: you have to stay at an appropriate level of fitness for executing your service. Its very easy to ignore your health.
  • Germans are probably the most direct persons on the Earth. They are tough. You can tell them things straight-on. They appreciate it, too. You are not wasting their time.
  • A good manager/executive like Dina Sharana is defined not so much by what they do, rather they are defined by what they do not do.

Also, check out the pictures from the trip.

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