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Hell is in the sky

A realization I had while reading the Srimad-Bhagavatam: the place commonly known as "hell" is not underground or anything like that, but in the sky. In the place between heaven and earth.

"Living entities who are associates of Rudra develop in the third mode of material nature, or ignorance. They are situated in the sky between the earthly planets and the heavenly planets." SB3.6.29

So, to me that means "hell", or the ideal living conditions for those in the mode of ignorance, is situated in space, on other planets in the solar system, on asteroids, etc.

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  • D.Bheemeswar 18/06/2007 8:48am (11 years ago)

    Dear Good Souls,

    The hell is not in the sky, it is in the peoples mentality, similarly the Heaven is also in the peoples mentality. If we are good with others automatically we are in the heaven. If we do bad things to others only we are in hell. Here when we do good withers means helping others to survive and progress and not for exploiting them or their weeknesses for our advantage. When we exploit others and rob them or deprive them to live we are in hell. So hell and Heaven are both on the Earth. Sky is the limit for those who are not good with others and sky is not a limit for helping people.

  • Pickymonk 18/06/2007 7:54am (11 years ago)

    I agree with you, Hell is the space betwen earth and space, All guy who dont like earth got to hell. Earth is the heavenly spot.

    You have a very good understanding. So always wishing for rebirth , if it is there, is better.

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