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How to: evaluate spiritual systems

There are so many different religions and spiritual systems out there. Which should you choose and why?

In this talk at the Gaura Yoga centre in Wellington, New Zealand I give some criteria by which one can judge how bona fide a spiritual system is. I conclude by explaining how well Krishna consciousness does when judged by these criteria.

Download selection of the presentation slides [24 MB].

Download just the audio of presentation [34 MB]

Download version formatted for iPod/iPhone [153 MB].

Download highest-quality version [262 MB].

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  • Ilchi Lee 14/10/2008 5:50pm (9 years ago)

    I appreciate what you have given freely to the masses. It truly shows that you've embraced your 1st purpose of ISKCON. Although I am of a different faith, I am completely open-minded to other faiths. I intend on watching it thoroughly with respect to Krishna-bhakti beliefs and see if I am able to incorporate parts (if not whole) into my own life. Thank you. Take care.

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