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How to issue a press release

Do it three times!

The news media is more than willing to publish a story, any story. If something is moderately well written and seems to be interesting, a local newspaper will publish it. If something is of interest to a broader spectrum of people, then a national newspaper will publish it. The trick is to publish the same news three times. Observe the stories from day-to-day and see this in effect. Heres a fictional example:

"Russia commits to donate $1 million to help world hunger."

(2 weeks later...)

"Russia starts the process of supplying one million dollars to feed the hungry all over the world."

(2 weeks later...)

"Russia has successfully completed the process of giving $1 million to charitable food distribution."

This makes it sound like Russia had given $3 million. People don't notice that it is the same story, worded slightly differently, repeated over and over again. They get three separate positive impressions on three separate occasions. One event gives triple the benefit.

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  • Dave 24/06/2007 7:46am (11 years ago)

    The educational facility I work for does regular press releases, all are generally published with diffrent headlines for each paper.
    And if they don't publish just resubmit with a new headline
    This gives good publicity and helps increase funding.
    Now the secrets out what shall we do?
    Good observation

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