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K-CAP 2007: The State of Multi-User Ontology Engineering

I gave a presentation at the WoMO 2007 workshop (co-located with the K-CAP 2007 conference). It, along with all my other papers, can be found in the publications section of this website.

You can view the research paper, the slides of my presentation, and an animated movie of my presentation (slides + audio). To view the movie click the image below to download (quicktime h.264):

View movie of presentation at WoMO2007

The research gives an overview of ten different ontology engineering projects??(TM) infrastructures, architectures and workflows. It especially focuses on issues regarding collaborative ontology modeling. The survey leads on to a discussion of the relative advantages and disadvantages of asynchronous and synchronous modalities of multi-user editing. This discussion highlights issues, trends and problems in the field of multi-user ontology development.

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