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New picture gallery

I've installed a new picture gallery software on this website. The old coppermine gallery was nice, but kind of clunky and didn't integrate well with my desktop applications. So, out it went. In its place it put a gallery called (simply) Gallery.

Take a look at the new gallery. You will find an archive of all the photos from the old gallery and a brand new picture album. The pictures in the new album were taken with a new Pentax K20d DSLR camera. I think you will notice these pictures are of significantly higher quality than all the previous images (shot with an old Minolta A1). If, for some reason, you want to look at the old coppermine gallery, that is still online here.

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  • candidas das 19/06/2008 10:15pm (10 years ago)

    Thanks for the heads up on the camera firmware update.

    Yes, I didn't (and still don't) like Gallery, but it is pretty much the only viable option. I spend about two days configuring and hacking it so that it isn't totally garish. However, it is the only real user installable image gallery that integrates well with other software and gives me enough control. I think it looks alright now.

  • phanisvara das 19/06/2008 4:24pm (10 years ago)

    just installed a new feed-reader (RSSOwl), and before i deleted one of the pre-installed feeds, "digital photography" (don't have a camera anymore and won't be able to afford one in the near future), i came across this article re. the K20d DSLR:

    Pentax has just released updated firmware for its K20D DSLR. The update, which takes the camera to version 1.01, addresses the problem characterized on the DPReview forums in which 'hot' pixels could appear when the 2-second self times was used.

    doesn't seem like a major issue, but do you have this latest firmware update?

    btw., didn't you write some time earlier, when asking for web gallery tips, that you were not interested in gallery2?

    ys phani.

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