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Pictures of Gaura Yoga June/July 2008

IMGP1686.jpgI have now been in Wellington, New Zealand for exactly one month. It is great!

I have uploaded a photo album of some of the pictures I have taken here over the last month. The images are of the events, activities and prasadam (food) in and around the Gaura Yoga center.

All shots were taken with a Pentax K20d D-SLR. I continue to be amazed at the quality of images this camera produces. Infamous photographer Ken Rockwell preaches that the camera doesn't matter. He argues that just like owning a B??sendorfer piano will not magically make you into a great pianist, similarly owning a good camera does not automatically mean you take great pictures. The folks at the Luminous Landscape respond by saying that the camera does matter. They argue that it is critically important. A good set of tools can turn a okay craftsman into a great one.

I think both viewpoints have some truth to them. A good camera does not automatically result in better pictures, but it does definitely allow one to take pictures in more demanding situations (less light, fast moving subjects, far away subjects, distracting backgrounds, etc.). Even in ideal situations, a good camera and lens combination can turn a good photograph into a great one. However, the best equipment alone will, of course, not magically turn a run-of-a-mill photographer into Annie Leibovitz. Artist's consciousness is ultimately what creates the artwork. The tools are just instruments through which the artist manipulates the world of matter around him or her. A better tool allows for more detailed precise manipulation of matter.

So yes, I like the K20d. Check out the new pictures.

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  • Ilchi Lee 14/10/2008 5:34pm (9 years ago)

    I just went through your pictures. You have an eye for this because some of the photos I can easily see being accepted by Ascent. If you want more exposure, that would be a great idea. You can even point them to what you've been writing about your trip to entice them even more to make a story out of the experience.

    As far as the pictures themselves, the ones that caught my attention the most included:

    - The picture of all of the cups of tea
    - The one 7 pictures down from the cups of tea photo (with the girl w/ the glasses looking down at the food)
    - The one 2 below the 2nd picture I mentioned with the vegetable pizza
    - The one 5 down from the 3rd picture I mentioned and one over (with another girl w/ glasses on looking down)
    - The one right below the 4th picture w/ the lamp and plants

    Have a good day...take care.

  • Nanda Sunu 12/07/2008 10:29am (10 years ago)

    Looks like you are eating well!

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