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Reinventing the Sunday Feast

I was listening to the following podcast:

Darrel Rhea: Marking During an Economic Meltdown

The title is deceptive. It is more about analyzing a market or activity holistically and reinventing it to taking into account the complete picture. With a complete view of all the factors, motivations, desires, side-effects and intentions, one can transform into a truly customer focused organization.

Darrel Rhea gives example how he helped do this for Apple Retail Stores, Electrolux Kitchen Appliances, the Australian Tax System and Hospital Stroke Treatment.

How about we think about the classic Sunday Feast in this way? In New Zealand the Sunday Feast has already been adapted and reinvented to a certain extent to make it more accessible to newcomers, but without changing any of the core values of Krishna Consciousness. But more can always be done to improve it even further.

(Learn more about the "Krishna Fest" as it is in Wellington, New Zealand: Gaura Yoga - Festivals)

Think of the usual kind of person that might attend a Krishna Conscious center: curious, wary, ignorant of any kind of philosophy, averse to ritual, averse to religion, proud, attached to the opposite sex, not able to sit on the floor for long periods of time, short attention span, self-conscious (unless intoxicated), concerned about spending too much money and concerned about the environment (although not actually doing much about it).

So, using that picture of the typical guest, how would you reinvent the Sunday Feast with a fresh outlook, unencumbered by past traditions? Things that might be changed: name, time, music, types of events, sequence of events, physical layout of the room(s), decoration of the room(s), devotee numbers, devotee dress & accessories and devotee language & attitude.

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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  • Candiddasa dasa 08/02/2009 8:41am (9 years ago)

    Yes, brilliant. Given a blank slate, a totally new program, what would you do? Design something radical! (even if it is not going to happen in practice, still good to dream - might happen one day)

  • Sita-pati das 07/02/2009 9:21pm (9 years ago)

    From experience I would have to say that starting a new program from scratch is the only way to do this. Otherwise you have people who are emotionally invested in the way things are done now and making significant changes (and you're wasting your time with anything less) is very painful for them. Basically you blow away your existing staff and congregation. Those people are there precisely because they *do* like it the way it is. The people who don't like it like that, don't come. When you go ahead and change it you are catering to the needs of people who don't come right now, so you have no people to appreciate it. In the meantime the people who are coming feel betrayed and think that you are making arbitrary changes.

    So the answer is to start another "seeker-sensitive" program, and keep your existing program that preaches to the choir. Your existing program may not be successful or satisfactory, but the energy required to change it, and the blow-back you'll get, far outweigh the mediocre result you'll get if you do try to transform it.

    Go for the end run. Experiment in another space.

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