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Saturday Feast: rejecting materially motivated religion

Last Saturday I hosted a meeting at my flat. It had been a long time since I had done such a thing.

Just 3 guests came. Two regular friends and one friend of a friend: a German exchange student from Berlin who was new to Krishna consciousness.

We started off by having lunch and general chatting. On the menu:

  • Sweet potatoes in cayenne, ginger and groundnut sauce
  • Baked vegetables with rosemary (which I over-salted)
  • Apple chutney
  • Cashew basmati brown rice
  • Chinese almond cookies
  • Mango and orange nectar drink

After lunch we had a kirtan.

Then we discussed the second verse of the Bhagavatam (for 2 hours!). Actually, we only made through the first half of this verse. There is so much stuff packed into each Bhagavatam verse. One can talk about each verse for months!

The verse is:
"Completely rejecting all religious activities which are materially motivated, this Bhagavata Purana propounds the highest truth, which is understandable by those devotees who are fully pure in heart. The highest truth is reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all. Such truth uproots the threefold miseries. This beautiful Bhagavatam, compiled by the great sage Vyasadeva [in his maturity], is sufficient in itself for God realization. What is the need of any other scripture? As soon as one attentively and submissively hears the message of Bhagavatam, by this culture of knowledge the Supreme Lord is established within his heart." (SB1.1.2)

All in all, every really enjoyed the afternoon of hearing, chanting and feasting. I must do this more often.

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