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Spiritual Recharge Festival 2009/2010

Every year Hare Krishna devotees from around Australia and New Zealand get together for an 11-day Spiritual Recharge Festival. Lots of feasting, chanting, seminars and association (and my wedding - see previous post). This year there were 130 guests at the retreat. The biggest ever! So much opportunity to meet many wonderful souls.

At this festival I also got Brahminical-initiation (the day before the wedding). So, I am now a Brahmana (teacher/intellectual) by Varna (occupation) and a Grihastra (householder) by Ashram (stage of life/shelter).

I took so many photos. It took quite a while to narrow them down to the 280 best pictures. But that process is now complete ... and here they are. Please browse them to your hearts' content:

Spiritual Recharge Retreat Festival 2009 2010

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