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Talk on Scientific Spirituality at Gaura Yoga

While in Wellington (New Zealand) I gave a Sunday presentation at Gaura Yoga. I talked on Scientific Spirituality. I talked about science in general and how it works (or not). Then I went on to talk about Krishna consciousness explaining how it is a very scientific process of spirituality which is in many ways more advanced and beneficial than materialistic science.

View the video of my presentation:

Download a more high-quality version of the video and download the Apple Keynote slideshow presentation (mac only).

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  • Dave 18/06/2007 6:30pm (11 years ago)

    Imformtive, witty, compelling
    Just love it

  • D.Bheemeswar 18/06/2007 6:33am (11 years ago)

    This article is good and also the presentation. To my knowledge Sprituality is for Enlightenment of mind. This comes only when we think and feel that we are all human beings basically. This spiritual enlightenment may come many ways. But science is related to materialistic aspects, in which how to use the materials to the advantage of man kind, here comes the main difference. This makes one more egoistic and more self centered to attain more comforts materialistically. None of scientific methods are good enough to explain this spiritual phenomenon, as it is ones own experience, there may be some correlation here and there but it is difficult to make a general comment or make it general. Spiritually speaking everything can happen and anything can happen or need not happen or nothing can happen, only spiritually enlightement can solve this. Yoga is one of the part of the enlightement. In this we may visualize some thing which is not existing, we may hear some thing not spoken, we may percieve some thing which is not logically right as per materialistic aspects. It doesnot matter how desperate you are about it. Nothing can replace Spirituality, that is feeling of togetherness, and for the well being of all humans.

  • Sita-pati das 17/06/2007 10:36pm (11 years ago)

    Dude, so r0cks!

  • Carana Renu dasi 17/06/2007 9:20pm (11 years ago)

    Like it :)

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