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The Anti-Stress iPod

062806b.jpgForget meditation! A company called HeartMath provides the anti-stress iPod that uses bio-feedback. Hear about the device here.

It is a little box, about the size of an iPod, that takes your pulse when you put your thumb on it. It measures the micro-variations in pulse speed (similar to the pulse checking that Chinese and Ayurvedic doctors use) that determine which emotional state your brain is in. The blinks red if you are stressed out. You can then apply various relaxation techniques and the device tells you when you have managed to calm down.

Surprisingly, the best technique for reducing stress that the company recommends is appreciation. Thinking of something or someone you appreciate is a sure fire way of reducing stress. In Krishna consciousness we do this all the time. There is (or should be) so much appreciating: you appreciate your fellow devotee, your spiritual master, your food, your body, your mind (when you're not beating it into submission), your spiritualize intelligence, etc. So, Krishna consciousness, both directly, by meditation, and indirectly, by appreciation, reduces stress. Pretty cool, huh?

However, the ultimate goal of Krishna conscious meditation and appreciation is not to de-stress. That is just a welcome side-effect. The real goal is to stop repeated birth and death. No matter how stress-free you are, the body is still going to die.

So, Krishna gives it both: the best short-term anti-stress techniques and the best long-term solution. The HeartMath EmWave is useful because it can scientifically tell you how well the former is working.

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  • Christiane 09/02/2008 5:17pm (10 years ago)

    Pleased, I'm french, I've the EmWave PC, marvellous!, and I'd like you give me the price of the antistress Ipod and how I can have it. Dou you send it in france?
    Thanks a lot.
    Since I have the EmWave PC, my stress becomes less and less, I'm really fine with it.

  • Lorna Minewiser, PhD 08/02/2008 10:57pm (10 years ago)

    You can find that type of card if you look for biodots on the web. I use them in my stress managements classes. The Emwave is battery operated, but it has a charger. I really like it because I can use the ear clip and monitor my relaxation and heart coherence while I am writing or listening to a CD or meditating or using an energy psychology method. I also use the EmWave PC with clients and for myself.

  • candidas das 08/02/2008 11:06am (10 years ago)


  • Liz Dowling 08/02/2008 10:56am (10 years ago)

    I am interested in purchasing the anti stress ipod. How can I do that? Also can you tell me if the electricity is compatible with Iralands voltage or is it battery operated. I once had a card just like a credit card which monitored stress while holding it with your thumb. It was very accurate! However I lost it and could never find a way to repkace it!

    Thank you

    Liz Dowling

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