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Vedicsoc session #2.19 rain and taxes

3 people for this week's session. One new person (though not the person from last week). The new person was a medical student and frequented Brahma Kumari silent meditation sessions. She said chanting Hare Krishna was comparable with mindfulness and other meditation techniques she was used to.

I kept our group chanting going for 20 minutes, because everyone seemed quite alert and was chanting strongly.

We then discussed the second verse of the beautiful Light of the Bhagavad: a book of Chinese Gongbi art, poetry from the Srimad Bhagavatam and purports of Vedic philosophy by Srila Prabhupada.

"The scorching heat of the sun evaporates water from the seas, rivers, and reservoirs, and there is little water anywhere. The people become thirsty and always look overhead for rain, but in despair. Yet just at the right moment, torrents of rain begin to fall everywhere in the land, even on the hard stones, and the land becomes overflooded."

Taxes should be collected in good times and redistributed back to the people in times of necessity. However, corrupt politicians disturb this process by profiteering from the tax collection. In a democracy the blame for this lies squarely with the people. Unqualified people elect unqualified leaders. If the people were qualified God conscious individuals, then they would a elect a qualified God conscious leader. However, as it currently stands, they people elect a leader who is just as stupid as they are. So, the presence of rampant cheating and corruption should be of no surprise to anyone.

"Taxes should therefore be spend to build the character of the people in general. That will bring happiness to the citizens of the state."

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  • Alan Begrano 02/04/2007 4:51pm (11 years ago)

    If the people were better, they would elect better people to governance. Hooray! Simplistic, contemptuous, indulgent, and cliched. Truly, this loud-mouthed claim to Spirituality has never been so typical.

    Do you really believe you're saying something worthwhile here, by announcing that the populace's woes lie with the fact that they're 'stupid'? What a nebulous concept. If Spirituality is anything, it is humbleness, and the effort made to understand one's fellow human beings, without dismissing them wholesale as not being up to one's own occluded standards. Cliched ranting at how foolish everyone (else) is gets us nowhere fast. In that regard, you're as 'stupid' as everyone else.

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