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Vedicsoc session #2.20 two hours and remote control

Just two people for the last session before the easter break. I discussed a little bit about the story of Srila Prabhupada and all the amazing things he did. We also discussed some general questions and answers.
Use of technology: everyone is really impressed by my using the Apple Remote to effortlessly control the background music of the yoga. Since the thing is so small that it can be concealed within the palm of my hand, it appeared that I was controlling the sound by the power of my mind. Doing the same thing with one of the Windows Media Center remote controls that come with some PCs would have been impossible.
Realization from the last few weeks: 2 hours are is long for a session. I was okay last year, but now almost everyone excuses themselves after 1.5 hours and leaves. Some people can only stay for 1 hour. Better to have fewer shorter sessions for the busy people of today's world that are under the illusion that 2 hours is too long to spend doing any one thing in any one place.

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  • Joe 06/05/2007 3:07am (11 years ago)

    Hey Candidas,

    Thought I'd check how you were doing :) been a while. glad to hear you're still running vedic soc. I still have fond memories!
    Life's been pretty full flavoured here. generally good I feel in a round about way. how are you?

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