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Vedicsoc session #2.8 happy?

Just 3 people for this week's Vedicsoc session. Last week's power yoga session may have been too intense. Then again, it was probably just a case of exams and coursework stopping many people from coming.

Yoga was a relaxing slow-deep stretch. Comments afterwards:

"While lying in savasana I kept seeing all kinds of strange colors flashing before my eyes."

(I related to story of Prabhupada telling a young hippy to "just keep chanting, it will go away")

"I've done yoga before, but never like this. I definitely feel something is happening to me."

Atmayoga is very good at making you feel its effects. Other yoga styles may be more austere, more intense, faster paced, more interesting, more expert, or better exercise, but in my option, Atmayoga excels in creating strong feelings in the bodies of the practitioners (which does not, of course, exclude any of the other benefits from accruing).

Then, as I say almost every session, I explained: "if you think this yoga is powerful, just think what the actual recommended process for this age, the chanting of Hare Krishna, will do for you?" Sadly, yoga, being on the bodily platform, is more instantly accessible and attractive. Nevertheless, we did some chanting of the Maha-Mantra and the people seemed to like it.

We then discussed "happiness". The group admitted that they generally were not very happy. I presented how material happiness is temporary and therefore not worth pursuing (referencing BG 5.22). Everyone could agree on that.

However, when I came to a solution to all this misery, I didn't take peoples previous conditioning of the structure of the universe into account enough. Everyone tends to believe the (mostly nonsense) they have been taught in school by their (mostly ignorant) teachers. It's natural to do so. So, breaking the conception that human life on earth is the be-all and end-all is difficult. More faith in the brilliance of the Vedic scripture is needed. However, faith is a dirty word these days.

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