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Vedicsoc: session #8

The Vedicsoc session was interesting yesterday. One of the students from last week liked the Power Yoga so much that she enthusiastically brought one of her friends along. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Altogether four people attended the session.

I taught I rather good slow-deep aerobic class that was well received. We then chanted the Hare Krishna mantra for a while on beads. This was received with some suspicion. Then, coming to the discussion, the two new girls affirmed that they were perfectly happy with their life and did not want to have anything to do with any spiritual process or ??oereligion??. Yuck! (though I explained, or at least attempted to explain, that it was actually a very scientific process)

They continued to affirm: ??oewe like passion and are perfectly happy with our lives as they are. We like stress: it gives us the opportunity to learn to manage our time better.??

I tried loads of approaches to introduce them to spirituality, but no chance. They almost certainly won??(TM)t come back next week. In any case, they have gotten a lot of benefit from their brief exposure to Krishna consciousness.

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  • Misha 19/02/2006 3:20am (12 years ago)

    can you please elaborate further on this angle of the Gita? :)

  • Sita-pati das 08/12/2005 5:52am (12 years ago)

    Sudras are interested in stress relief. You gain influence with them by alleviating their distress. Persons such as these girls, who have a base nature more in passion, like a ksatriya or vaisya, are interested in being more effective. You gain influence with them by showing them how to be more effective in management and control if they are ksatriya-types, and how to make more money if they are more vaisya. These two sound like ksatriyas.

    I have one angle on the Bhagavad-gita that it teaches deep time management, because it helps you to prioritize your time with maximum efficiency for holistic balance across the spiritual (renovation) and material (expansion) platforms. This ultimately increases your effectiveness, giving you the competitive edge that you need - to win! :-)

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