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Vedicsoc: session #9

This week's Vedicsoc session was different. As a follow on from Sunday's Gita reading I advertised a Bhagavad-Gita Q&A. Unfortunately the interest of the student community in such things is practically zero these days. Well, two, to be exact. I taught a very quick yoga class (some breathing and 10 sun salutes), followed by an extra long japa session (18 minutes of chanting of the maha-mantra).

Then we had what ended up being a two hours long discussion. I found myself battling mayavadi conceptions throughout most of that time. However, even given Prabhupada's authoritative purports the two guys that came did not accept. Ultimately we came to some intricate (irrelevant) detailed questions about the nature of the time which I could not answer. I stressed that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. But, alas, the maha-mantra of today's society is: "never commit to anything".

Still, we parted favourably (and I sneakily gave both of them a gift of a MP3-CD filled with Krishna conscious talks lectures).

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