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What's wrong with what we eat

Cow equals Nuclear Bomb
(picture credit: cow, nuke)

The cow killing that is going on today is like a nuclear bomb. It is the new holocaust, threatening to destroy us all.

In the United States alone every year 10 billion animals are killed for food. If you lined them all up that they would reach to the moon and back five times! With that many living entities being killed there is simply no way that they can be treated ethically. Doing so also results in second highest contribution to global warming in the world (after energy production, but ahead of transportation and residences).

In this excellent presentation at the TED conference Mark Bittman reenforces much of what I talked about in the King Corn post. It is a really compelling presentation on the importance of local food (Locavore = person who only eats local food; is the new word of year), importance of eating organic food (although it isn't a cure-all) and the importance of eating less meat, less junk and more plants (eating plants is what makes us healthy).

He also talks a bit about the history of food. About how we got into the sorry state of far too much meat-eating we are in today.

Here is the video of the talk (much recommended!)

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  • Visnu-maya dd 21/05/2008 7:29am (10 years ago)

    I just listened to the TED talk. Certainly interesting, thanks for posting. Although he admits it is unlikely he will stop eating animals (hypocritical really), he definitely advocates strongly the focus on eating more fresh vegetables, mainly for the sake of health. I appreciated his analysis on the life cycle of food over the last century, the evolution is quite drastic in such a short time. I find it hard to comprehend actually that people aren't intuitively aware that the state of our food is hugely related to many of the health issues people face.

    The more I hear and read about these topics, the more I get fired up. It's kind of like in my militant vegan days, when seeing someone with an ice-cream or a bottle of milk grossed me out as much as seeing someone gorge on a steak or meat pie.... now I find myself mentally dealing with the disgust of seeing someone indulge in processed food (that could perhaps even be vegan). However, I must admit my diet is not fully devoid of processed ingredients, although minimised as much as possible at the moment. I am totally inspired by the definition of a locavore, and do fancy myself being a keen vege gardener one day ;-)

    Here's an interesting article:

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