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Zen cooking documentary

Howtocookyourlife L200709101828 An upcoming film about a Buddhist cook. This begs the question: why didn't they make a film like this with the Hare Krishna's instead? What's the "kitchen religion" Buddhism or Vaishnavaism (Krishna consciousness)?

There is obviously a market for and interest in this sort of movie. It seems like a great way to present our philosophy. Kurma prabhu are you listening?

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  • Mother Gandhari Dasi 24/09/2007 8:34pm (10 years ago)

    Dear Candidas das,
    Thank you for your concern. You will be happy to know that I have a few DVDs made Called "Karma Free Cooking" One of them is a LIVE Local TV show. I am looking for someone to Help me Make the graphics on DVD Covers . They are being Editted by a professional Film Maker. Please Check my website for the upcoming Seminars on Karma-Free Cooking and Bhakti-Yoga and Ayurvedic Lifestyl.
    Thank you for the Good Wishes
    Mother Gandhari dasi

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